The history taken in an individual case will vary according to the different circumstances. This list of recommendations represents those aspects of the history that had the highest agreement in the survey. They are listed according to rankings, with those with highest agreement first.

Horse details

Previous medical history

Current episode


Preventative healthcare

Owner factors

Information on history-taking was generated by presenting outcomes of a systematic review on risk factors for colic to the workshops of horse owners and vets. In the process, the workshop participants generated statements on what they considered to be the most important aspects of history, and these were subsequently voted on by vets and owners with experience of colic.

Sources of evidence


Systematic review of publications on risk factors for colic


There is no level 1 or 2 evidence on the primary assessment of colic in the horse. The recommendations are based on outcomes of multi-disciplinary workshops and surveys of owners and veterinary practitioners with experience of colic. Statements were voted on by vets with experience of colic, accepted if >75% agreement on statements.

History 1 - printable

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